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  • Transpose a Song By Changing Key or Pitch
    In Less Than 60 Seconds

    Song Surgeon is..

    The ONE App Every
    Church Musician Should Own.

    High quality, distortion-free key and
    tempo change for practice or performance

    The only slowdowner that automatically detects and displays key, tempo and chords for you to use.
    Also changes tempo or speed and performs basic editing (add/remove a verse)
    Fully functional, 4 hour demo, with no calendar expiration. Sufficient time to change key/tempo on more than 50 songs. Virus/malware scanned. Clean install with NO co-installation of other programs.
    Survey reveals slowing down helps speed up learning an average of 614%
    Download, install and begin using in less than 5 minutes

    We PROTECT your personal information and do not sell, rent, or giveaway your email address.

    See our Privacy Policy for more details.

    I encourage you download our free demo right now, and give Song Surgeon a try today. Find out why Song Surgeon is now used in more than 120 countries worldwide to achieve high quality key and tempo change.