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Sneak Peek Video: Spectrum Analysis

In this week's newsletter we continue our Sneak Peek Video look at the all new Song Surgeon 6. This week we review the new spectrum analysis module. The module measures the frequencies of the notes being played and displays them on a piano keyboard to assist you in identifying the notes within a song.

In case you missed the previous sneak peak videos you can find them at the link below. These include the new Volume Module, Note Detection Module and the Audio Stream Capture Module.

Version Release Schedule

The Windows version of Song Surgeon 6 is slated to be released April 30. As we always do, our initial work has been with Windows. Once the Windows build is complete we’ll then transition to work on the Mac version which should follow about 6-8 months later.

If you are interested in being one of the first to see this new Version, please add yourself to the Early Release Notification list by clicking the link below and completing the form:

Stay tuned for more of these Sneak Peek videos which will be released a couple of times each month

Song Surgeon Beta Testing

The response to our request for testers has been overwhelming and we are taking no more requests. If you have been selected as a tester, you should be hearing from us within a couple of weeks. Beta testing has been pushed back and will likely start in the first half of March.

Stay tuned to this newsletter for the latest updates on the development and progress of Version 6.

James Todd
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