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    Below are answers to some of the most common questions that we receive. These FAQ's are more general in nature. If you have questions, especially technical ones that are not answered here, please go to our Help Desk for a full list of FAQ's, a Knowledge Base, and a Support Ticket system. In addition to the Help Desk, we also have a series of video tutorials which you can find here on the website.

    Q1. Are there both Windows and MAC versions?

    A1. Yes, both versions are available. However, the development cycle for these two products, at present, is separate. Currently Version 4 is available for Windows and Mac (OSx) systems

    Q2. What Operating Systems will Song Surgeon run on?

    A2. The WIN version runs on XP and newer. The MAC version runs on 10.6 (Intel Chipsets) and newer.

    Q3. Does Song Surgeon Play MP4 files?

    A3. Yes, Song Surgeon does play MP4 files. However, MP4 files that are stored on an iPod or purchased via iTunes may be protected or encrypted, though many are not. Files that are not protected can be opened directly. Files that are protect such as m4p and some mp4 files cannot be opened by Song Surgeon directly. The standard work around for any DRM protected or encrypted file is to burn it to a CD and then rip it back off again. This process will strip the encryption for the song, and allow you to open it in Song Surgeon.

    Q4. What File Formats Can Song Surgeon Open And Save?

    A4. Song Surgeon can open a wide variety of formats, including mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, aif, ogg, wma, wav, cda, flac and several others. After opening any of these file formats, Song Surgeon can save the file as an mp3, mp4, wav, or wma file.

    Q5. Does it matter what browser I use?

    A5. No. Song Surgeon is a stand-alone application and is not browser-dependent.

    Q6. How many computers can I install this program on?

    A6. Your purchase of Song Surgeon allows you to install this on three (3) different computers.

    Q7. Who is eligible for a FREE upgrade to Version 4.0?

    A7. Those customers that purchased Version 3 upgrade protection are eligible for a FREE copy of Version 4.

    Q8. What is your policy regarding ongoing support?

    A8. Beginning with Version 3, customers with the Standard version will receive 6 months of FREE support. PRO customers receive 12 months of FREE support. Our Support Desk with FAQ's and Knowledge base is ALAWYS available to all customers; however, the support ticket system/ phone support and remote assistance sessions are limited to those customers that have current support plans. If your support plan has expired, you can buy an extension of the support at anytime from our shopping cart.