1. Song Surgeon Version 4
    Quick Start Guide (Mac)

    Thank you for your order of Song Surgeon. This Quick Start Guide is designed to walk you thru the necessary steps to get Song Surgeon up and running as quickly as possible, which should be in less than five minutes.

    1. All orders, even those where a CD version is purchased, provide for access to the product immediately via a download link. This link can be found on the final page of the ordering routine after your purchase is completed. It is also provided in the order email confirmation that we send to you. Click this link and then select SAVE. Save this file to a location on your computer where you can find it such as your Desktop or in your Downloads folder.

    2.Most browsers will prompt you to run the file after downloading it. If you are not prompted to run the file, you will need to locate this file on your computer and double click it to run it. Some antivirus program may warn you or try to block the running of this installation file. If they do, please proceed anyway. The installation file used for download is scanned for viruses and digitally signed.

    3. The installation is started by double clicking the SongSurgeon4.dmg file. You machine will mount the file a package file will be shown in a separate window that looks like that shown to the right. You should again double-click this .pkg file and it will initiate the Mac install wizard.

    4.It is best to ACCEPT the default settings suggested by the installer as you go through each step. Please go thru the entire installation wizard and clicking 'continue' at each step until you see a message the installation is complete.

    5. The first time you run Song Surgeon, you will see a dialog window that says, with two buttons: "I am a Customer" and "I am a Demo User". Click the "I am a Customer" button and enter the data requested which will be your first name, last name, and email address.

    The information required for this form MUST be EXACTLY the same that you entered when you ordered. So for example, if you made a mistake and spelled your name wrong, you MUST enter this misspelled name. If you used both your first name and your middle initial in the first name field, then you must enter this way in the form. If you have any doubts about your credentials, please review the information contained on your order confirmation email.

    The process of registering activates and unlocks the software. We do not use or send you any kind of license key. You purchase entitles you to activate on up to 3 machines. Simply repeat the same process on your other machines to install and activate.

    If you make a mistake the activation window will alert you and prompt you to retry. Once you have successfully registered and activated the software you will see a window telling you this. After you click the okay button this dialog will close and the main Song Surgeon interface will open for you to begin using.

    Upgrading to Pro
    6. If you already own Standard and are upgrading to Pro, you will NOT see the main registration window when you open the program. What you will do is Open Song Surgeon, Click the Help Button and the click the option that says Activate Pro. This will open a dialog window asking you to enter you first name, last name, and email address. Enter this data and submit it. You should see a message saying that you have successfully activate Pro.
    Ready To Use
    7. After you have completed the registration/activation, Song Surgeon should open on your screen, ready to use. If it does not, please contact the Help Desk and complete a Support Ticket.
    Opening a File for the First Time
    8. Once Song Surgeon has opened on the screen you are ready to begin using it. Many of the buttons will be grayed out. This is normal. Once you open a file, these buttons will become active. To open a file, click the File button and then select open. This will open a Mac dialog window. In this dialog window, select an audio file or browse to a location on your computer where you have you audio or music files stored, select one and open it. You can also "drag and drop" a file using your mouse, onto the opens SS interface and this will also open a file.

    Once you have a file open, you can begin to manipulate it. See the training and learning resources which can be accessed via the Help Button for more detailed information about how to use the program.
    Saving / Exporting
    9. After you make changes to a file, you have two alternative options for keeping these. One is to Save the file [ File >> Save]. This creates a song surgeon project file (.ssp) which is an internal format used by Song Surgeon to remember all of your settings. When a .ssp file is re-opened Song Surgeon re-applies these same settings when it opens the file.

    Your other option is to Export your changes. This allows you to create a new audio file, such as a .wav or mp3, aac, m4a, etc. By doing this you are making the changes you made in Song Surgeon a permanent part of this new audio file. Since this new file is a standard audio file it can be used and played back in the same way as any standard audio file.
    Help Button Resources
    10. Like any software program, Song Surgeon has a learning curve. The Help Button contains links to several important resources for helping you learn Song Surgeon. These include:
    Quick Start Guide - The QSG is the document that you are currently reading.

    User Guide - A more detailed overview of the program and the main user interface

    Video Tutorials - Screen videos that describe and illustrate how to use each functionality found within Song Surgeon. These videos cover all aspects of Song Surgeon's operation and we STRONGLY encourage you to view these.

    Help Desk - Song Surgeon has a full featured Help Desk which includes, FAQ's, Knowledgebase, Troubleshooters, Download Section, and Ticket System.