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    The development cycles for Windows and MAC versions are staggered. New versions of the software are released approximately every two years, and the Windows version normally precedes the Mac version by 6-12 months. Version 4 is the current version available for both Mac and Windows.


    The current MAC version that is available is Version 4. This version is available in two models, a Standard and a Pro. It runs only on Intel based machines and is compatible with OSX 10.6.8 - 10.9.X. Like its Windows counterpart it provides distortion-free audio, multiple loop creation, wav form editing, the sniffer module, and much more. To learn more about the current Mac version, please see the User Guide. We also encourage you to try the fully functional demo, which can be accessed by clicking the Download button (above).

    The current Windows version is also Version 4. It and the Mac version contains many new enhancements over previous versions including distortion-free audio, wav form editing, the sniffer module, formant preservation, recording, and alternative tunings to name a few. For more informaton on the Windows version see the User Guide for Version 4 (Windows), which can be found here. It runs on Win XP - Win 8.