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Key and Tempo Change
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Hi, my name is James Todd and I am pleased to provide you with access to the only free online key and tempo service available on the internet. There is no need to buy expensive software and install it on your computer. Simply create your account and do it yourself, using our free service.

Here is what you can do with our service:

  • We accept most common audio file formats including: mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, wav, aif, wma, rm, flac
  • Key change increments include semitones (half steps) as well as cents (1/100th of a semitone) for fine tuning you key/pitch needs.
  • Tempo change range is from 50 - 150% or original. Changes can be made with two decimal point accuracy, e.g. 55.75%
  • Processed file with changes can be downoaded in .wav or .mp3 formats.
  • No limit to the number of files you can process.

There are many, many reason for changing key and/or tempo. The two most common ones are to slow down a difficult section of a song or musical piece to makes it easier to learn; and the second is to change or transpose the key of a song to match one's vocal range.

We have had some internal discussions about charging for the use of this service, so sign up for YOUR free account while you still can.

James Todd
Song Surgeon