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  • Song Surgeon Version 5
    Video Tutorials

    The following training videos have been filmed to show you how to use Version 5. We strongly recommend that you use them in conjunction with our written User Guide, which you can find here. These two resources will provide answers to most of your questions and help you come up the learning curve quickly.

    Unlike previous years there are not separate videos for Mac and Windows. Regardless of which platform you use, the program is identically and functions that same.

    If you are looking for Training Videos for older Song Surgeon versions, click here.

    Windows Version:
    Mac Version:
    Getting Started: Basic Steps to Use Song Surgeon
    Opening A File: Training Video
    Algorithms Settings: Overview
    Formant Preservation: Elimination of Chipmunk Sound
    Chord Detection Overview
    Key change and detection
    Global Settings vs. Loop Settings
    Loops: Overview
    Markers: The Use and Customization of Markers
    Zooming: How to use the zooming function
    Tempo / Automatic Beat Detection
    Saving Projects
    Export: Creation of new audio files
    File: Find File (Search)
    Playlist: How To Use Overview
    EQ for Standard and Pro
    Vocal Reduction / Isolating a single instrument
    Music Docs Menu Item
    Audio Editing Overview: Training Video
    Detailed Editing Module Overview
    Detailed Editing Module - Real World Example
    Recording Function / New Overdub Feature
    Project Export Utility
    Licensing Offline Machine
    Deactivation Managing My Account