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  • Song Surgeon V3 Mac Video Tutorials

    The following video tutorials cover most aspects of the operation of Song Surgeon. We encourage you to watch each of these videos to become fully proficient with all of the features of Song Surgeon.

    Please, select the training videos for your version of Song Surgeon

    Introduction 1
    Introduction 2
    Audio Controls
    Create a Customized Pracice Lessons
    Use of Editing Features
    Use EQ and Vocal Reduction
    Using the Export Command
    Fixed and Float & Markers
    Global Settings Concept
    Help Button Menu
    Using the Looping Functionality
    Opening a File
    Options Button / Default Paths
    Pitch or Key Change
    Project Files (.ssp files)
    P/T Toggle & Channel Muting
    CD Ripping Function
    Sniffer Module (A/V Downloader)
    Sniffer Module (A/V Downloader) Part 2
    Tempo Change
    Wav Form Zooming
    Music Pad Overview
    Music Pad - Creating Standard Music Notation (sheet music)
    Music Pad - Selecting, Moving and Nudging Objects
    Music Pad - Creating and using tabs
    Registration and Activation (Standard and Pro)