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  • Vocal Removal / Instrument Isolation (VRII)

    This is the vocal removal/instrument isolation page for Song Surgeon customers and visitors. Some Version 5 customers have free access to this page for a one or two year period from their date of purchase by logging in and using the same credentials used when registering Song Surgeon.

    Owners of older versions and non-customer access to this tool is limited to five files by registering and creating an account. After processing five (5) files access for will be restricted.

    This new tool (VRII) offered by Song Surgeon uses artificial intelligence to constantly learn and improve. Currently it works well (not perfectly) for the following instruments: vocals, drums, bass, piano, and guitar.

    Below is a sample of what this tool can do. It is from a song by Badfinger called "No Matter What". In this example we have removed the vocals. You can hear are three files: The original song, the vocals, and the mix without the vocals. Click to listen.

    Mix (without vocals)

    Once the VRII tool process a file it returns two files. One file contains the single instrument selected to be removed. The second contains the rest of the mix or instrumentation.

    Step 1: Upload File
    Your file is being uploaded.
    This may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending upon the file size.

    Do not leave this page.
    We are processing you request.
    This should be finished in less than 2 minutes.

    Please do not leave the page.
    Please be patient, it may take 5 -10 seconds before the download starts.
    Please be patient, it may take 5 -10 seconds before the download starts.
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    Jeffrey Kessler, United States 4 Stars 03/21/2021
    So far my transition from SS4 to SS5 is going smoothly. After all this time, I have decided that the features available in SS5 are just too useful for me to ignore. So I have finally upgraded.
    BRIAN CHATTON, United States 5 Stars 03/15/2021
    You are so close my friend.
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