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  • Making Unlimited Metronome or
    Clicktracks for Your Music

    The ability to make an unlimited number of click tracks or metronome tracks at varying speeds is really quite simple to do, provided you have the necessary tools and the necessary raw materials.

    The raw material required is singular; that is, a click track or metronome recording that is EXACTLY 100 bpm.

    The requirement for tools is also singular -- you need a program like Song Surgeon which changes pitch and tempo with NO distortion. Some software programs distort music or audio as you slow it down, especially as you make large changes.

    Let’s say that I want to create a click track at 150 pbm. To do that, we simply increase the tempo to 150, export the file, give it a name like clicktrack150.wav (or mp3), and Song Surgeon exports and makes these changes permanent. Now you have a new file on your computer that is at 150 pbm.

    To create a metronome track slower than 100, start with the same 100 pbm file and slow the tempo to 50%, then export it, give it a name, and create this new file at 50 bpm. It really is that simple.

    If you are thinking that you don’t have a 100 bpm click track and you don’t have SS, let me make it simple for you.

    We have a 4-hour free demo which you can grab by using the link at the top right of this page. That is more than enough time to make a few clicktracks. In addition, I have also posted a link to grab and download the 100 pbm file below

    http://songsurgeon.com/files/songs/100bpm.mp3 http://songsurgeon.com/files/songs/100bps-stereo.mp3

    It doesn’t get any easier than that. And it doesn’t cost any less, because you can do this for FREE! Enjoy.