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  • Slowing Down Drums or Percussion Music

    Despite my beginner status and lack of drum experience, my eight previous years of music education and performance have provided me with a knack for drums.

    Since I started playing the drums, I have developed a greater hunger for Progressive Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz drumming. I have most recently been listening to Time Out, the genius jazz album by The Dave Brubeck Quartet. The song that I wanted to learn off the album is called "Blue Rondo a La Turk." To me, it is a very complex tune, with an odd time signature of 9/8 and occasional tempo changes made just for the jazz breaks that swing in and out of 4/4 time.

    I learned how to play the drum part for 'Blue Rondo a La Turk' in a few short hours. With Song Surgeon, I was able to slow down the speed of the song so I could learn it at my own speed, and the equalizer (EQ) feature drastically reduced

    the sounds of the other instruments that I did not want to hear. I was also able to greatly accentuate the drums and cymbals, using the eq settings shown above, which made me notice how many little, yet important, musical details I was missing when playing. It helped me to hear the hi-hat that I wasn't opening and closing when playing on the ride and snare, the subtleness of the bass drum, and also brought out a lot of ghost notes that I wasn't hearing before. Click the two audio buttons to hear the before and after music. Song Surgeon is without a doubt one of the 'most easy-to-use and helpful tools on the market'! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a professional; Song Surgeon can help you. It helped me especially with the drums, but also with my saxophone and bass guitar playing. You'd be nuts not to be using Song Surgeon. God bless.