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  • Guitar or Music Lessons for your iPod or MP3 Player

    Song Surgeon is a widely used by musicians of all stripes to help them learn new songs or music. While guitarists are probably our biggest users, we have musicans across the spectrum including fiddle, violin, mandolin, trumpet, sax, clarinet, piano, drums, bass, banjo, and vocalists (just to name a few). Song Surgeon is used in a variety of different ways depending upon the objective of the user -- these include slowing the tempo, changing the pitch, and reducing vocals or other unwanted instruments. After a song or segment of the song has been modified by a user, it can then be saved in the modified form to create a customized lesson – that can be used be used or repetitively played by a musician.

    One of the beauties of Song Surgeon is that after you create your own customized or personalized songs or music lessons and save them, you can then load them onto your iPod, MP3 player, or any other device that plays audio, – and now you have your own portable music lessons.

    From a convenience standpoint, once you have moved the lessons you created to your portable music device, you can put your headphones on, start your music player, and play the lessons you created, leaving you with both hands free to play your guitar or other musical instrument.

    Even if you don't have your musical instrument with you, the repetition of hearing the lesson many times will help burn it into your memory. Bottom line, load the lessons onto your portable music device, create a separate playlist, – and play them at your convenience as a learning aid to help you master or learn songs more quickly.

    One big advantage of Song Surgeon is that it allows you to create lessons or practice music in which you are interested. Whether this is your favorite song that you'd like to learn or a song that you are struggling to learn for a band, choir, audition, or anything else, you can create it yourself – you don't have to search and try to find something that may not exist.

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