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  • Song Surgeon As A Promotional Item For Music Sites

    Song Surgeon has an active affiliate program; you can find it here. However, in addition to the standard affiliate relationships, we are always interested in and looking for new ways to collaborate and partner with companies and websites. Below, you will find several examples.

    As is always the case, in order for a partnership or JV to work, you must have a significant amount of traffic and/or a sizeable opt-in email list.

    Give Song Surgeon Away FREE

    Over the past three years, we have worked with a major US based music website whereby Song Surgeon was used as a promotional item and given away absolutely free. During this most recent promotion, the site generated over $60,000 in sales from this 2 week effort. In summary, the way the promotion works is that a user/visitor buys the company's product/membership and for doing so, they get a FREE copy of Song Surgeon (Standard version). The main requirement to make it all work is that whatever product is being sold must have a higher price point than Song Surgeon. In these promotions, we provide Song Surgeon to you at a reduced cost, similar to what an affiliate would receive in commissions.

    Song Surgeon Drawing

    On numerous occasions we have partnered with sites to give away a limited number of copies of Song Surgeon on their websites, blogs, and forums. These free drawing events generate interest and traffic for our partners and also revenues if an affiliate commission is included. These drawings on partner websites introduce more potential customers to Song Surgeon and that, over time, will increase sales.

    Song Surgeon Review

    Another common way for people to partner with us is by writing a review of Song Surgeon. If you have a music-related blog, forum, or website where you could post a review of Song Surgeon, we would be pleased to consider such a relationship. While there are no hard and fast rules for deciding to work with a site, we generally look at the Google PR, Alexa Ranking, and size of you opt-in list. One of the advantages to working with us is that you get a FREE review copy of Song Surgeon.

    If any of these collaborative ideas are of interest to you, or if you have something else you'd like to suggest, please complete the form below and we'll respond within 1 working day.

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