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  • Slow Down Music Software
    Slow Down Music in Mp3, Wav, Wma or Mp4 Formats

    After performing a Google search on the words 'slow down music,' over 4 million pages of results pop up. The first three pages are packed with the products of different companies that have the ability to slow down music and have it remain in the correct pitch. As I stated earlier, being able to slow the tempo of a song can be extremely valuable at times. Why? Because, when I am sitting down at my stereo and attempting to decipher what the exact notes are that Van Halen is playing in 'Eruption,' I need to slow it down. Just try to figure out what he is playing during all of his shredding and fingertapping! It's no easy task, and having the technological ability to slow down that song's tempo to half-speed is invaluable.

    Although there are many file formats for music such as wav, mp3, mp4, wma, and others, MP3 files are probably the most popular, and accordingly, many people are interested in how to slow down MP3 music or songs. But you know it really doesn't matter because most of the slow-down programs work on all of these different file formats.

    With all of the advancements of music technology, a lot more people who wouldn't normally be able to play music can now figure out how to play the songs that they always wanted to. I still make the neighbors unhappy today with my obnoxiously loud guitar playing, but at least I can play songs that actually sound the way they are supposed to.

    During my many years of playing a couple of instruments, I have run into many musical-related problems, one of which is not being able to hear certain things in a song that I am trying to learn how to play by ear. If you have ever sat down and tried to figure out an instrument's part note for note (or chord for chord), you've learned how challenging it is. But, thanks to technology's ability to slow down music, songs, audio, CD's, etc, it has been made much easier at times.