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  • Slow Down Music Software, Tempo & Pitch

    Song pitch or key change | Tempo change including slowing down music

    Pitch, tempo and key are components of music. Sometimes one or all of these components can work against someone who is trying to learn how to sing or play song or music. A human being's perception of pitch may cause some difficulty distinguishing difference in frequency between notes under in some circumstances. The key serves as the central part of a song. Sometimes the writer of a song will change the key of a song to make it more interesting and exciting. And tempo is the speed (or pace) of a given song.

    Changing music or song pitch, tempo and key, can have many effects not only the song itself, but also the listener. Tempo is an extremely important part of sound, and changing it can affect the mood and complexity of a song. Slowing a song down makes it possible to create a more mellow or calm feeling, while speeding up a song's tempo seems to drive the song harder and often seems to change volume. As stated earlier, changing the key of a song can make it more interesting and exciting. Sometimes, when playing or singing in concert, a band or artist may change the key of a song to make it easier to play or sing. It is also very easy to make mistakes regarding singing on key, which in turn causes problems with pitch.

    Pitch, tempo, and key makes for a song, and whether or not someone can master how to operate these three elements correctly makes for a good or bad song. Just like anything else in the world, music needs to be studied and then practiced over and over again. Learning how to sing on key, playing fast or slow, and getting that perfect pitch can make a memorable tune. So, practice up and keep those instruments in tune!

    Song Surgeon enables you to create practice loops of a particular segment of a song such as a solo, slow it down, and then play or loop it continuously.