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  • Song Surgeon Version 4 Video Tutorials for Mac

    The following video tutorials cover most aspects of the operation of Song Surgeon. We encourage you to watch each of these videos to become fully proficient with all of the features of Song Surgeon.

    Please, select the training videos for your version of Song Surgeon

    31 Band EQ (Equalizer)
    Audio CD ripping
    Editing - Copy/Paste between 2 or more audio or song files
    Editing - Copy/Paste in a single open file
    Editing - Cut/Copy/Delete
    Editing - Selection of mono or stereo data
    Exporting Dialog Button Options
    Editing - Converting between stereo and mono audio
    Editing - Copy / Paste Overview
    Editing: Audio frequency or sample rate conversion
    Edit - Click and Pop Removal
    Fixed vs. Float
    Foot pedal Functionality
    Global vs. Loop specific settings
    Key or pitch change including formant preservation
    Loop Controls
    Music Pad Overview
    Music Pad - Creating Standard Music Notation (sheet music)
    Music Pad - Selecting, Moving and Nudging Objects
    Music Pad - Creating and using tabs
    Opening a File
    P/T toggle (algorithms) and Alternative Tunings
    Recording Function
    SS Activation (licensing) and deactivation (for removing an old machine)
    Saving a Project vs. Exporting and audio
    Sniffer Module - How to use
    Speed Trainer Feature
    Tempo Functionality
    Vocal Reduction
    Wav data zooming; how and why to use